Pollo Asada Fries

IMG_7952I have heard that San Diego has the best Mexican food in Southern California without crossing the boarder, so while I was there I wanted to make sure that I at least tried one place. I reached out to a friend that used to live in the area and asked her where her favorite place was and what she recommended that I get. Without hesitation she replied Don Lucio’s Taco Shop #2.

My friend gave me that address and I drove the 20 minutes, which I must add was a breeze driving, to the shop. She told me that their pollo asada fries were the bomb so they were number one on my list. I ordered the fries with everything on them and then added 2 beef tacos to my order.

IMG_7957A few minutes later I more food then I could possibly eat in one sitting in my possession and was super excited to try the fries. My friend had talked them up so much that I all I wanted to do was get back to my hotel and eat. I walked to my car, sat down, opened the container, and took a bite. To be honest, I wasn’t impressed with that first bite. I’m not a big fan of sour cream or avocados, but the salt on the fries helped mask the flavor so they were ok. Plus, I was starving. I took another couple bites, put them away and drove back to the hotel.

IMG_7958I got into my room and opened the fries again. I noticed that there were crinkle and regular fries in there, but was not as excited to eat them as I had been previously. I took a bite and I was so surprised. All of the sudden they were amazing! I can only believe that the time in car, allowing the cheese to melt and the sour cream and avocados to warm up, had drastically improved their taste. I shoveled forkful after forkful into my mouth until I realized that I still had the tacos to try. I opened the bag, unwrapped the taco and took a bite. Now those were really good! Real fried flour tortilla shells, a little soft and chewy on the inside and crunchy around the outer edges. I sit here now writing this craving the crunchy tacos and the cheesy salty goodness of the fries. I can’t wait to get back down to San Diego to have them again.


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