Sweet Memories of Loved Pets

photo-1414490929659-9a12b7e31907Biking down Wrigley Rd on Santa Catalina Island into Avalon my friend and I stumbled upon a super cute pet cemetery. I know what you are thinking Pet Cemetery! Don’t go in there. And had it been earlier in the year, it might have looked completely different, with dead dried out plants all around. Looking like evil stuff would happen at any minute. But it was the cutest, sweetest, thing I’ve seen in a long time and we almost coasted right past it. We stopped for a bit to explore, see what it was all about and rest for a bit.

There was everything from dogs to cats to fish to snakes to hamsters buried there. It started from the street and had two paths that led toward the back. On one side the wild flowers were starting to creep into and around the plots, which looked super pretty. The other side was all grassy and had a little stone path with a wooden bench to sit and share time there.

The grave stones were super cute too. Some were just crosses with names on them while other were handmade, painted and designed. Some were stones that must have been ordered from companies as well. It’s amazing what people will do to remember a loved pet. Most of them had cute sayings, such as “Will RIP You were a great fish,” “Rozz a good friend,”and “ET a sweet Catalina cat.” I wish Los Angeles had a place like this.


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