The House at Puerto Del Mar

IMG_8973On my surf trip to Mexico we stayed in house in a gated community called Puerta Del Mar. The house was absolutely amazing. It was literally feet from the ocean. Just cross the street, pass the neighboring house, down the stairs, and there you were at the water’s edge.

When we arrived Kathy showed us around. We walked into the house’s entry way and it’s cuteness encompassed us! She showed us a small living room complete with an air hockey table, a bigger movie room, the kitchen, and downstairs bathroom. Upstairs there were 4 bedrooms and 8 beds. The master bedroom had it’s own bathroom as did one of the guest bedrooms. The other two rooms shared a bathroom.

There was also a stairwell that lead to the roof where during the day we could lay out and tan and dry out our wetsuits for another session later in the afternoon. In the evening we watched amazing captivating sunsets from the rooftop and on the second night two fires burnt in the distance. We never did figure out who set those fires off and if they were contained or not, but they were gone the following morning.


Downstair there was a garage where we stored our surfboards and a jacuzzi which we couldn’t figure out how to work it. The house was so big that even though there were 10 people staying in it, it never seemed crowded. It was perfect and exactly what we needed with a little extra for our surf trip.

After being there for a day and discovering it’s quirks we joked about the decor, noticing that it must be either called the IKEA house or the travel house on the block. Everywhere piece of decor could be found in IKEA and every piece you saw showed a different country or city. A map of the US license plates on the wall, a bathroom with pictures from Italy, and the bedrooms were all named after cities in different countries.

I stayed in the room called Shanghai, complete with two wall decals, one that said “Dare To Be Unique Magnifique” and the other that read “Stand A Little Taller Make Each Day A Little Better Than The One Before.” It was perfect, just the sayings I wanted to see for encouragement throughout my trip and future adventures.


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