A Walk on A Mexican Beach

IMG_8973I went for a walk on the beach while I was in Mexico to check out the area and see what was around. It was quite an eyeopening experience to see how differently people lived there.

I started by heading toward the point break that the guys had been so keen on surfing. Along the sandy shore was an amazing dirt cliff and just outside our gated community, up on those cliffs, were houses. Many were old and coming apart, literally falling into the sea as the cliff wore away underneath them. I could only hope that no one lived in them anymore as they did not seem very safe, but I couldn’t be completely certain.

IMG_8971       IMG_8971

The cliff turned into a man made wall to stop the ocean from wearing away the dirt and as I continued along the sandy beach the soft sand it turned into a field of smooth rocks. They were like land mines and I had to carefully watch my steps as I continued to trek because sometimes they would shift and slide under my feet. My pace quickly slowed. Eventually the rocks turned into big coarse volcanic stone, which when wet was even more slippery. I climbed over them noticing that the beautiful ocean shore line had completely changed and the houses on the cliffs were more recently built and maintained. Eventually I reached a point where I could no longer walk without climbing down a cliff and walking through water. I decided then to turn back.

IMG_8971       IMG_8971

I headed back to our gated community and reached our stairwell. I thought about walking up and decided to continue to the cliff on the other side instead. I had noticed a “Surf” graffiti wall in my surf session earlier in the day and wanted a picture of it. I walked along the shore in the soft flat sand. By the edge of the cliff were rocks that had been rubbed smooth by the tides of the ocean. I reached the sign and continue until the rocks became jagged and sharp again. This time however there was no volcanic rocks beneath. All the rocks had previously been part of the cliff. I noticed a way to climb up the cliff and reach the top, but decided against trying it. It looked very steep and there was a rope to help you reach the top. I paused for a moment and watched a man and his son climb to the top. I continued until I could go no further. It really was a beautiful beach, full of many different sights to see and places to explore.

IMG_8971       IMG_8971

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