Ghost Town Grapes are Scrumptious

IMG_8973On my friend and my trip to Sedona Arizona we spent an evening in the Ghost Town of Jerome enjoying a Haunted Ghost Tour. While we were waiting for our tour to start we had just enough time to explore the little town and grab some dinner. We walked up one of the main streets and noticed the town hall, the mine museum, and visitor center. We decided to stop in at Grapes as it was recommended by the tour guides as one of the few restaurants open late in town on a Sunday night.

We walked inside and the place was very busy. There’s both indoor and outdoor seating and inside has a bar-like atmosphere with low lighting, stone and wood walls and interesting pictures hung on the walls. We stepped up to the bar where you could easily see the food being prepared behind it and spoke with one of the servers. She was extremely helpful and nice, especially since we were on a time crunch and there was a sign I saw that said Dine-In Only on my way in.

We needed to be sure we could order, eat, and finish our food all in time to be at our tour by 8:00pm so we asked for a little extra help. Our server offered us an option of a few quick meals. We decided to order some sandwiches, turkey and cranberry sauce, and chips. The food came very quickly and was delicious. We packed our leftovers to go and dropped them off in the car. Then we headed to our tour with a little time to spare. If you’re in Jerome and need a place to eat you should give it a try.

IMG_8971       IMG_8971

IMG_8971       IMG_8971

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