Lobster Rolls at The Local Peasant

IMG_8973One Monday early evening while Katie and I were watching her friend’s house we decided to make the short walk to The Local Peasant a bar next door for something to eat. While I had been to the one in Sherman Oaks, Katie had been the only one to have been to the Woodland Hills one before. With no sign letting us know that we were in the right spot except for a tiny menu at the front entrance Katie and I arrived. The weather in Woodland Hills that day was relatively cool so we sat down outside on their patio in a corner booth.

The outside was pretty busy, but inside it was quite empty. We got a menu and a menu for the special of the night which read that Mondays were Lobster Roll Nights. How exciting! I couldn’t pass up a lobster roll so I ordered the lobster roll while Katie ordered a Peasant Burger with cheddar cheese.

Our food came and the burger was good, but the lobster roll was absolutely delicious. It had a bit of spice and dill taste in it and I was super pleased with it. So pleased that I can’t wait to go back on another Monday night and get it again. The burger came with fried egg and onions and was one of the best burgers I had in a while.

Next time you’re in Woodland Hills and looking for a local spot to get dinner or a drink check out The Local Peasant. The calm environment mixed with the scrumptious food is worth giving it a try. They even have some gluten-free and vegan options on their menu.

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