Avila Valley Barn

IMG_8973Right next door to the Avila Hot Springs is the Avila Valley Barn. Not so close that you can smell the animals, but close enough that you could walk if you wanted to. Of course Katie and I had to stop by before heading home on our last day at the hot springs.

We parked in the lot next door and walked straight into the animal section with goats, sheep, and miniature horses. Inside there were small bags of goat feed for purchase. We took a moment to watch the children feed them through the gates. There were signs over the horses that said no petting, but the rest of the animals you were able to reach through or over the fence and give them a soft pat on the head.

IMG_8971       IMG_8971

There was a tractor hay ride about to depart as we arrived to the barn entrance. Before heading in we noticed that they had fresh ice cream for sale along with deli meats in another building nearby. We headed into the barn where there were multitudes of things to see. They had fresh locally grown fruits and veggies, homemade pies and sauces, and recipe books and cooking accessories. They even had honey from their own bees and jams from the fruit they grown in their fields. As we were looking around I even saw where their pies were made as I snuck a peak through a window into their kitchen.

IMG_8971       IMG_8971

Though everything looked delicious we didn’t end up purchasing anything. The barn has a lot to explore and experience. While we didn’t have a ton of time to check it all out I’m sure you could spend a half day or so there feeding the animals, going on the tractor ride, looking through and shopping at the barn. It’s definitely fun for families with children.

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