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Getting a Passport

IMG_8971When I was in high school I went on a school trip to England, Whales, Ireland, and Scotland. It was for about 10 days, spending a few days in each country, taking in as much as I could while spending hours on a bus getting from place to place. Most of it is a blur to be honest, though I know my mom took some pictures and I can remember a ruined castle, cars driving on the opposite side of the street and almost getting hit, and cobble stone roads that led to little towns with bars where it didn’t matter how old you were everyone could get in. I remember eating food which tasted nothing like what we have in America and sleeping in little motels that were very small and that which hot water that didn’t come on until after the bus was scheduled to leave. Cold showers are no fun and I believe I skipped my shower that morning.

Since then I haven’t been out of the country, except to go to Jamaica, which I saw no reason in renewing my passport since you don’t need one. However, recently I decided that I wanted to go on a surf trip to Baja Mexico, which meant I would need to renew my passport and while I was doing that I figured that I might as well get one of those cards as well.

I did a quick google search and found the paperwork that I would need to get my passport. It asked about a previous passport and I couldn’t remember if I had it, my mom had it, or maybe it was just plain lost. I would need to figure that out before I applied so I called my mom asking her if she had seen it. After talking with her and searching my entire room I finally found it and boy was I relieved.

I finished the rest of the paperwork, printed it out, and headed to the office to get my picture taken and have them approve me. I got there a little before closing and there were a number of people in front of me. I patiently waited my turn until I was called. The lady was confused as to why I needed a picture if I was renewing until I showed her what I meant. Yea, I looked a little different than I did back then, not much, but some.

She took the picture, checked with me, and then I sat back down. A few moments later I was at someone’s desk having them check over my work, stamping, stapling, and finally charging me. I was out within an hour or so, which I thought was pretty good. All I had to do now was wait.

About 5 weeks later my stuff started to arrive. First my old passport, then my card, then my new passport! I’m so excited! I can’t wait for my first new passport out of country experience!

Requesting Freedom

photo-1421944086326-0c7cce744badHere’s a quick poem I thought of today. Some will understand and others will question why it is on this site. I just wanted to put it out into the universe in hopes of attracting more new and exciting experiences  into my life.



“Requesting Freedom”

Your soul has been stuck on me since the day you pushed me out of your life. You walked away and never looked back, and I doubt you noticed, but it stayed. It has been a savior and a traitor, both at the same time. Aiding me in finding new experiences and hindering me causing me false hopes and tears. Today I requested your soul to leave mine, taking with it all the beautiful memories and all the painful heartache, erasing your very existence from my mind. It agreed for the moment and I cried a bit as I felt a weight lift from my shoulders. Moments later I was filled with a new vision of my life I have yet to live. Hopes of new love, a new career, and new friendships and I thank my soul for letting yours go.