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KÀ by Cirque Du Soleil Show

IMG_8971One night while Katie and I were in Las Vegas we decided to go to a Cirque Du Soleil show. Even though Katie had already seen , we  headed over to MGM Grand to enjoy a night full of music, choreographed fight scenes and much excitement with her friends Stacey, Rachel, and Devon.

We had purchased the tickets earlier over the phone, which was a big fiasco with multiple phone calls, hanging up on a vendor, calling back to get it done faster with another vendor and then finally heading to the ticket booth to have the seats moved so we could all sit together. We did the whole process right next to the booth, but were not allowed to use it due to our buy-one-get-one $5 deal. Though, they normally sell the tickets buy one get one $10 as long as you don’t pick the cheapest ones. Just ask them about it.

As we walked in towards the entrance there was a huge dragon head with vibrant colors. People stood in front to get their picture with it. Thinking about it now, I’m not quite sure how or where it fits into the story of the show, but it looked pretty cool. There were also costumes of the characters in glass cases and the “Wheel of Death” that were used during the performance on display. Unfortunately, cameras were not allowed inside once the performance started so these are the only pictures of the show I have.

IMG_8971       IMG_8971

As we walked into the theatre the set completely encompassed us. Looking up we could see steel structures with bridges and different levels all around. The performers were walking down the aisles of the theatre, above our heads and on the ledges. They sent baskets back and forth across the wires along the ceilings and then unexpectedly started jumping from the bridges and swinging above us. The energy of the room slowly built until they were all chanting towards their leader on the front stage. It was a very metallic, slightly scary and evil feeling to the whole thing. The show had begun.

is a story about two twins that get separated and their individual journeys as they finally find each other and are brought back together. Instead of telling you the story step by step and what happens I am going to share some of my favorite scenes. Thinking back to the show there were a lot of interesting, awe inspiring, and fun things that I would like to share, but I will try to keep it to a minimum as to not spoil the show if you are ever in Las Vegas and decide to go see it.

The first scene that I thought was very unique was where the twin brother and the court jester made shadow puppets on the wall in the forest. The music was so calming as you watched their spirits lift from devastation after the separation to hopeful that things would work out. The shadow animals such as bunnies, dogs, cats, and birds interacted with each other and sometimes their four hands would create one animal. I had never seen anything like it.

I also really liked the rotating wall that they used in many scenes. The first scene they used it in the girl and her helpers fought off the evil men as the wall spun around sending some to their deaths. They would slide down toward the bottom and fall off into the empty depths below. I was intrigued and couldn’t pull my eyes away knowing how dangerous of a stunt this was for the performers. One wrong step and they would surely be hurt if not die from the drop. And I had heard that in a previous show just that had happened.

The captivating spinning wheel of death scene was amazing. In the story it was used to make the twin’s people crush the bones of their fellow friends into a powder. With some performers inside the huge wheels walking them around, others performed an almost areal routine outside the wheels. One even attempted to do jump rope while spinning around outside the wheel. It was crazy and once again I couldn’t pull my eyes away.

As the story continues the twin sister falls into the jungle where the firefly boy saves her life. Their aerial silk routine was absolutely beautiful as they swung together and around each other and fell in love. They hung from each other high above the stage, mirrored each other’s movements when they were separate and twisted back together to become one person.

The final fight scene on the wall was pretty intense. The wall stood straight up and down and it looked like you are watching a video game from above. The performers would climb the wall, running up it, jump off it and slide back down it as the fought. With each of their foot steps they would leave a giant print behind that only added to the scene. It was so cool.

While the end of the show was very quick and a little confusing to me it follows the story exactly. Over all, I thought the show was really good and entertaining. There were ups and downs, highs and lows, and the stunts were incredible. I don’t want to give it all away so I’m not going to share anymore, just know this one thing. Get there early, after the performance was over we found out there are actually several opening performances. Make sure you don’t miss them like we did.