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5K Night Nation Run

IMG_8973On groupon there are a ton of 5K runs. I had decided that I wanted to give one a try so I reached out to a bunch of my friends as soon as I saw that the Night Nation Run 5K was on groupon. A few of my friends quickly jumped on the chance and we signed up for what looked like one of the most fun 5Ks in the area.

As the day approached I reached out to my friends again. Turned out we were all planning on taking our own cars to Pomona, CA. Katie and me in our car, Arpy and her 2 friends in their car, Caroline and her friend in another car, and Nich and Bob in their own car. The day came and Katie and I headed out. I was a little worried we wouldn’t get there in time and that we wouldn’t be able to find everyone. Luckily, we got there with plenty of time to spare. We were one of the first cars let into the parking lot and we were the first of our group to arrive. We parked our car, got our bibs, shirts, and glow sticks and started to explore the area.

As we waited we learned that the event itself was linked to Stand Up 2 Cancer. They were selling t-shirts, tank tops, and all different accessories to help support the cause. We moved to the main area, surrounded by food and drink stands. We took some time to get some free stuff at the booths around the edges and even took our first Night Nation Run selfie.  As we patiently waited we made our way to the stage and enjoyed the pre-party DJ. We danced, jumped, and just took in the moment not caring about anything at all.

Eventually, Caroline and her friend showed up, got their bibs and headed straight to the start line. Katie and I tried to decide which to do, wait for Arpy and Nich or get in line. We finally chose to wait as they sounded like they were going to be there very soon. The run started and we watched everyone run out of the start line and through the beginning of the course. We made our way back to the registration where it would be easier for our friends to find us.

Arpy and Nich were taking forever so we changed our minds and started our run. We snuck in from the parking lot and walked the course stopping along the way at every small DJ station and any Selfie photo booth we saw. We slowly making our way to the end, taking our time since as Arpy said that her group was running and would catch up to us.

Arpy never caught up to us, Caroline rushed through the course, and Nich never made it out of the party zone. By the time we got to the end where the main party was, it was over. I was sad to see it end and couldn’t help wondering why they hadn’t made the party longer. It just seemed too short to me and I was semi upset we had missed the main event even though we were the first ones to arrive. Next time, I’m not waiting for anyone.

On a side note Katie and I got some amazing pictures of the pre-party and at the photo booths throughout the course. I know if we had just ran straight through we would have missed the black light booth for sure. It was fun to just have some free time to hang out with Katie and gather as many glow sticks from the ground that I could possibly find. I would definitely do it again in a heartbeat, maybe even their next event in Los Angeles on October 24th.