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Biking in Catalina

photo-1414490929659-9a12b7e31907After arriving in Avalon on Catalina Island and doing a little exploring my friend and I decided to rent some bikes to further check out the outskirts of the town. We went to one of the many rental shops, Catalina Bike Rental, which is right in the center of town, and spoke with the employee. She gave us a map of the town, telling us to stay on the yellow and white roads and to avoid the red ones while we debated renting some mountain bikes or beach cruisers. She informed that we should be able to get everywhere on the beach cruisers except for the one road out toward the Memorial Garden since they were 7-speed bikes. We paid our $15 each and rode away with our beach cruisers.

We rode through the town streets and headed out past the ferry docks to Lover’s Cove, a snorkeling hotspot on the island, which is a short, easy and flat ride or walk. We arrived, the tide was high, and the ocean was so clear you could see all the way to the bottom. We didn’t see many animals, maybe a garibaldi, the california state fish, playing between the rocks under the water and some birds on the rocks in the far distance. (My friend came back a little later in the day and saw a seal playing off the shore for a bit.) After a few minutes of taking in the ocean view we continued on our way to Wrigley Rd. the main yellow road on the east side of the town. Our goal was to check out that side and then cut across the backside of the town and reach Chimes Tower Rd. We had to be on that side of the town around 12pm so it sounded like a good plan and only we hoped we would have enough time to fit it all in.

A few more minutes and we reached the bottom of the hill, or should I say mountain. The road turned back on itself and proceeded to incline at a gradual, but steady rate. About 1/8th of the way up we had to bail. There was no way anyone was about to ride a beach cruiser up that hill. We got off an pushed our bikes up the rest of the hill, wondering if the employee at the bike rental shop had ever tried it and stopping along the way to take a few pictures.

As we continued we started to wonder if there would be time to make it to the top or if we would have to turn back. As we neared what we hoped was the top of the mountain another biker, on a mountain bike, coasting down the hill, told us that we were almost there. We could see the top at what looked like about a 1/4 mile away. It was! And at that point was the most amazing view of Avalon ever! It must be the location where they take the pictures from in all the brochures.

We easily coasted down the hill back into the little town and stopped for some lunch. While we did not have enough time to check out the other side of the town, we did make it to our next adventure on time. That hill was brutal!