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Jocko’s Steakhouse

IMG_8971On our way up to Morro Bay Katie and I stopped at Jocko’s Steakhouse in Nipomo, CA one of the best steakhouses in the state. Katie talked and talked about this place before our trip and I have to say, it didn’t disappoint. It actually exceeded my expectations.

We arrived in the early evening with a reservation for 6:45pm. Katie had told me that even though we had a reservation we would be waiting for a while. Often Jocko’s begins to turn away guests in the evening as they get so packed they cannot serve everyone that wishes to eat there. We told them that we were there and waited in the bar drinking beer and shirley temples. We stepped outside for a moment to watch the chef grill as many as what looked like 50 steaks at a time on their huge grill, astonished at how he was able to keep track of them all.

An hour later we were finally seated, thankful that our wait time wasn’t 2 hours like it was for others at the bar we spoke to who hadn’t called first. We ordered the steak to split with two plates. Katie wanted it rare, I wanted it medium, so we settled on medium rare, which turned out to be perfect. Katie took the more rare half and I ate the more cooked half. The meat melted in our mouths and I was so excited to eat it when it arrived that I completely forgot to take pictures.

The fries and beans were less than par, but we really only went there for the steak. So, if you are ever in the area and craving steak, Jocko’s is the place to go. Their meat is the freshest around and best tasting with a salty crust that is delicious.

La Jolla Brewing Company

IMG_8973While on a short trip to San Diego, Katie and I stayed in La Jolla, CA. After settling into Katie’s family’s house we headed out for a place to eat. A short walk led us to the main street with many options. We eventually stumbled upon La Jolla Brewing Company and decided to give it a try.

La Jolla Brewing Company features their own hand-crafted beer and a 24 tap rotating selection of local San Diego County craft beers. Their in-house beer selection features five signature styles, Pale Ale, IPA, Pub Ale, Dry Stout, and Brown Ale. They also create specialty and seasonal beers to keep their selection fresh and exciting.

We walked past their outdoor seating section and asked to see a menu. We decided to stay and picked a spot overlooking the outdoor seating section since it was too warm to sit inside that evening. We didn’t order any beer, but we did order some food. We got the LJBC Classic Cheeseburger and the BBQ Chicken Pizza.

After a little wait they arrived. The pizza was delicious. It was on flat bread with pieces of chicken, cheese, onions, and fresh cilantro. Once I tried it I couldn’t stop eating it until I was too full to eat another the piece. The burger on the other hand was not up to our standards, it was nothing special.

So stop by La Jolla Brewing Company to get a taste of the local La Jolla beer choices, experience a piece of history, and have a fun and relaxing night. Just get the pizza and skip the burger you should be all good. Oh, and if you want you can bring your dog when you’re enjoying your time on the patio.

Sunset Reservoir Brewing Company

IMG_8971After a trip to Lands End Lookout Katie and I were extremely hungry. We decided to try Sunset Reservoir Brewing Company just down the road from Katie’s friend’s house in San Francisco. We walked down her street and onto the main street. A few blocks later we arrived at the front door. We almost missed it as they don’t have a sign or anything posted other than a small menu in the window.

We walked inside and were seated right away in a wooden booth. It wasn’t that busy for a Saturday night. I had expected it to be a lot more crowded, but the small groups were generally relaxed and chill. We ordered the Sunset Burger and Bowl of Wings. Both of which were really good.

We split our orders. The wings came first and I thought the sauce was super spicy. Katie, however, thought it was perfect. With or without the sauce the chicken was scrumptious. Next came the burger and it was delicious as well, with bacon, cheddar cheese, and 1000 Island dressing. Katie got a sampler of their beer to try as well.

We finished our meal and drinks and headed back to Cathy’s house, full of yummy food. If you’re in San Francisco and looking for a place to eat you should check Sunset Reservoir Brewing Company out.

Beer Sampling at Angel City Brewery

IMG_8973I’ve been seeing pictures of angel wings around the internet every now and then for a while. A picture where the wings look like they are a part of the person standing in front of them. I couldn’t resist finding out where they were located and it turns out they are right here in Los Angeles at a local brewery called Angel City Brewery. Though I’m not a big beer drinker, I headed downtown with a friend one night to check it out.

In 2010 Angel City moved their 8,000 barrel brewery from the Alpine Village to the John A. Roebling building located in LA’s downtown Arts District. John A. Roebling was an engineer famous for his wire suspension bridges. This old warehouse, built in 1913, was used to store his nation-wide wire rope company. The old metal slides they used to help transfer the wire from the upper to lower floor are still there today giving the brewery a jolt of history.

Our first stop was at the angel wings painted on the wall outside the main doors. As the night processed they drew an occasional photographer. As we stepped inside we noticed the 4 or 5 huge brew kettles to your left of us and a small bar in front of us. My friend told me that they do guided tours and we thought about taking on next time we came. Across from the main bar is another bar under an upper section which is used by patrons throughout he night. There is a bar up there as well, but on the night we went it was closed.

IMG_8971       IMG_8971

My friend and I finally sat down at the main bar to try some of their beer. Their Social IPA and Eureka Wit are their two main beers that they feel really represent Los Angeles and Angel City, which my friend tried both of. I decided to try their West Coast Wheat, Amber Ale, Eureka Wit, Marilyn, and White Nite with their custom flight priced at $9.

My favorites were the Eureka Wit and Marilyn. The Amber Ale was really good once it warmed up as well. However, I did not enjoy the White Nite, which my friend absolutely loved. It had too much of a coffee flavor for me. I had hoped it would have more of a chocolate flavor. I traded my friend for her Eureka Wit and everyone was happy.

When we finished our beers we walked toward the back of the building taking in the different art works all around. There were pictures hanging, huge murals, and even an interpretation of Picasso’s Guernica by the far wall. We noticed were two corn hole games to play and we were able to squeeze a few games in before we decided to leave.

IMG_8971       IMG_8971

Angel City Brewery closed pretty early on the Saturday night we were there, only staying open til about midnight. I would recommend you get there pretty early since parking is difficult as well. And while they don’t serve food at Angel City Brewery, they do have food trucks that rotate through the lot providing you with everything you need. If that’s what you are looking for, then take the short walk down the street to Wurstkuche for some brats.

IMG_8971       IMG_8971