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Harry’s Coffee Shop

IMG_8973Just a few minutes away from Katie’s family’s house in La Jolla, CA near San Diego is Harry’s Coffee Shop,  one of Katie’s favorite morning breakfast spots. We took the short morning walk down to the main street and built up quite a big appetite that we only hoped Harry’s could satisfy. We put our name in and waited outside for our table to be ready, about 20 minutes.

In the late 1950’s Harry and his wife Catherine decided to move from New York to Los Angeles. After three years of searching for an ideal location they finally came across La Jolla and set up Harry’s Coffee Shop in 1960. He based his diner off of those that inspired him from Brooklyn and he was up every morning at 5am ready to spend the morning with his guests, which he knew all of them by name. Harry’s still has that local diner feeling today and while we didn’t get to meet Harry himself, we still received the quality food and experience he once strived for.

That morning Katie and I were finally seated inside in one of the far back booths. Katie ordered the french toast and I ordered the bacon pancakes. Once our food arrived and I looked at Katie’s I knew I had made a mistake. Her french toast came complete with strawberries, blueberries, nuts and powder sugar on top while mine had bacon strips on top and through out.

Both of our meals were delicious., though I have to say Katie’s was way better. Her’s was sweet and gooey and just super yummy. Mine was ok, but pancakes always seem a little dry to me unless you completely cover them with syrup which I didn’t feel like doing that day.

We finished our meals and headed out and back to Katie’s family’s house. Harry’s is definitely on our list to go to again next time we are down in San Diego. You should make it a stop on your list too.

Beachwood Cafe

IMG_8971Beachwood Cafe is known for its famous blue door. It is a common stomping ground for grabbing a bite after a hike up to the Hollywood sign. It is located in the original location of The Humpty Dumpty Store, a grocery store, and it became the Beachwood Market in 1933. They expanded and renamed in  the Beachwood Market in 1952 to The Beachwood Coffee Shop. In 2012 Patti Peck took over and turned the shop into today’s Beachwood Cafe.

This small local cafe is said to be a hotspot for celebrities. I didn’t notice anyone the day my friend and I went, but rumor has it that you never know who might come and sit down next to you . Customers were wearing everything from laid back sunday morning outfits to workout clothing complete with sunglasses and hats. We arrived just before the crowd and stepped inside. We were immediately seated and I took a moment to take in the adorable little cafe.

An employee came with glasses, a bottle of water, and menus for us to take a look at. We both decided on the Baked Brioche French Toast. I added the bacon butterscotch sauce while my friend tried the crème fraiche and berry compote.

We didn’t have to wait long before our food arrived. It was pipping hot, steaming and looked better than anything I could have imagined. I wanted to dig right in, but I contained myself and allowed it to cool a bit. My first bite was delicious! It was a mouthful of heaven. The cinnamon, raisin, sugary goodness flooded my tastebuds. I honestly didn’t even need the bacon butterscotch sauce, but on the following bite I used it, which only enhanced the already scrumptious taste. I finished the whole thing without a second thought and sat back completely satisfied.


Beachwood Cafe is great for locals and tourists. It is definitely on the top  of my best breakfast places in Los Angeles list. I can’t wait to go back again and try something different.

Elmer’s German Pancakes

IMG_8973Our last morning in Palm Springs and once again it was time to eat. We scanned through yelp and realized that not many places are open early Monday morning in Palm Springs. We decided to try Elmer’s.

Elmer’s was founded in 1960 by Walt and Dorothy Elmer making breakfast for their customers. They originally named their restaurant Elmer’s Colonial Pancake House but their mission has always been the same, “provide quality food ingredients, gracious service and the clean surroundings that make you feel at home.”

Today, Elmer’s is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We were there for breakfast and were eager to try their food. Rumor has it that Walt used to keep his pancake recipe locked in his safe so the only logical choice was to try the german pancakes. I ordered them with mixed berries and a side of bacon and eggs.

When they came I was super excited. I took my first bite and they were delicious. Light, fluffy, sweet and exactly what I expected even though I had never tried german pancakes before. The eggs and bacon were perfect too. They definitely gave me way more food than I needed, but everything was amazing. An excellent breakfast to start what was planned out to be another sensational day.