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Barrango Carousel at the Buckland Hills Mall

IMG_8973It was my last day in Connecticut and I spent the majority of it with Becky and Dway. While we were waiting and killing time so I didn’t have to spend too many hours at the Bradley Airport we drove closer to Hartford and reached Manchester and The Shoppes at Buckland Hills, an inside mall. We took some time to walk around, not particularly looking for anything of importance, just browsing.

We looked inside Dick’s Sporting Goods checking out the exercise and  camping equipment and then continued through the rest of the mall coming to the food court named, “Carousel Cafes.” That’s when we stumbled upon the The Buckland Hills Carousel. I was super excited and couldn’t wait to give it a try. Trying to contain my enthusiasm I mentioned that it could be fun to go for a ride. Becky and Dway weren’t that interested, but Dway eventually was persuaded to try it out and take the ride.

The Barrango Carousel was designed by Barrango in San Francisco, CA in 2003. It is 38 feet in diameter and sits 3 riders beside each other. It is made out of fiberglass and has a circus theme with elephants, lions, camel, a white tiger and multiple horses to ride, I think I even saw a hippo. The canopy has numerous lights and hand painted murals of circus animals and special acts on it while the inside column has additional lights, mirrors, and vibrantly and elaborately colored panels.

Dway and I purchased our tokens from a nearby machine, each costing $1 and needing 2 to go for a ride. The tokens had been specifically made for the carousel. Reading the token, you could see both the Buckland Hills and carousel represented with italic BH and Carousel Token printed below.

We handed our tokens to the ride operator and quickly grabbed a spot upon our own animals. I choose the white tiger while Dway jumped onto the zebra. The music started, the bell rang and the carousel began to move. Up and down and around and around we went. We were the only ones riding, but it was a ton of fun. We waved to Becky as she took photos of us from behind the gate. We also took pictures of each other and ourselves. Later we shared our pictures with each other and a few choice friends.

The ride slowed to a stop and we hopped off and out the exit. I took a few more pictures of the carousel not in motion and then we headed out of the mall. If you’re ever looking for something to do and your near The Shoppes at Buckland Hills go for a ride on the carousel. It’s something anyone of any age will be sure to enjoy.