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Secret Pizza

IMG_8971Arriving in Las Vegas late after a long drive I wanted some food. I did a quick Yelp search and found that there’s a little pizza place called Secret Pizza that was about .3 miles from where we were staying, in Paris. We headed out following Google Maps’ instructions and soon came to a dead end.

This place really is secret. With so many people walking the strip every day not many know about it. And wIthout having the guts to ask around, good luck finding it. Even Siri was out of her league on this one.

I’m not one to spoil the fun of finding the place for everyone so from here I’m going to talk in pretty general terms. We came to a casino and knew that it was somewhere close. We headed inside and searched the entire casino floor. Eventually we happened to pass someone that was talking about Secret Pizza. We did what any normal person would do and asked, “Where is Secret Pizza?” We got a hesitant and general direction and headed that way.

We finally found Secret Pizza. As we got close we could smell the Italian freshly baked pizzas aroma in the air. We followed our noses to a red tinted hallway lined with all different iconic and not iconic records behind glass. We made our way halfway down to the end of the line.

There were many drunk people waiting their turn noisily for their after midnight snack. Some hoping the greasy pizza would aid to end their drunken stupor while others only wishing the pizza would stop a hangover the next day. They made quite a ruckus and put on an entertaining a show until one of them stepped on Katie’s foot. Then they became just plain annoying and we secretly wished they would leave the line before they reached the beginning. Those few non drunk people agreed with us as we made small talk as we patently waited to reach the front of the line.

We ordered a large pizza with mushrooms, olives, and pepperoni so that we would have extra for Stacey, Rachel, and Devon the following morning. Yelp had said that Secret Pizza was a 1 dollar sign place, but I must say we paid $38 for our pizza which I do not think is cheap even subtracting the $5 they make you tip. I can only justify this by saying maybe it is cheaper if you are paying by the slice, they didn’t have prices up where you could read them so I do not know their per slice price. Or maybe it is cheaper compared to other pizza places on The Strip. However you feel about the  price, I do think the whole large pizza was worth the $32. We had it for dinner and breakfast the next morning.

25 minutes later we returned to pick up our pizza and blew past the what was then twice as long line that we had originally stood in. We made our way all the way back to our room in Paris before we dug in. It was delicious! Possibly the best pizza on The Strip. The pepperoni was on point as was the mushrooms, olives, sauce, and cheese. The following morning the pizza was still good. Everyone except for me thought it was even better. I just wasn’t happy that the grease had settled and made the center soggy by then.

All in all, if you can find Secret Pizza you should definitely give it a try. The pizza is well worth the wait, even if you think you are about to pass out and won’t make it to the beginning of the line.

Where are the Chips at Bobby’s Burger Palace

IMG_8973At Mohegan Sun, a casino in Connecticut, there are several places to stop and get food. One of the most well known restaurants is Bobby’s Burger Palace. With several locations on the east coast of the United States it is home to the Crunch Burger. They also sell shakes, salads and sandwiches to choose from. With so many options you will be sure to find something to satisfy your hunger anytime day or night.

After Aschlee and Jason’s wedding in Groton we headed over to continue our celebration at Mohegan Sun. As the night got later Becky, Dway, Michelle and I got hungry. Before going back to the hotel we decided to stop and get some burgers.

I ordered the Crunch Burger, a burger with potato chips on it and some 1/2 and 1/2 fries. We waited for our orders to come out and headed back to the hotel. We couldn’t wait to get back to eat so we picked at our fries. The sweet potato fries were delicious, super sweet and held their flavor even when they were cold. The regular fries were not quite as good.

The burger was ok. I think it would have tasted better if I had gotten to eat it right away. I had to wait until we got back to the hotel, about a 20 minute drive, until I could try it. The potato chips, which I expected to be crispy had turned soft from the heat and steam of the burger, but the taste was still good. The salty chips offset the sweet burger bun.

If you’re at Mohegan Sun and looking for a place to eat Bobby’s Burger Palace is definitely a good place to try. Home to the Crunch Burger, eating it right away will make a difference and make it taste better, but if you can’t it will still be ok. So go try it.


Two Less Fish In the Sea: A Connecticut Wedding

IMG_8973A few weeks ago I took a trip to Connecticut for one of my closest friend, Aschlee’s wedding. Being in the wedding party, I arrived a day early to make sure I would get there on time. I spent the first evening and most of the following day with my mom and dad checking out the garden and doing my nails. Then my friend Michelle and I headed over to the Mystic Marriott were the festivities were set to happen.

Running later than we expected, we met up with the rest of the wedding party in Groton at Esker Point Beach  for the wedding rehearsal. The arch was set in place and we imagined the chairs, aisle, and band. The rehearsal didn’t take very long. We quickly ran through the ceremony, walking down the aisle, the readings, and walking back. It was all very relaxed and chilled. I only imagined what the actual wedding day would be like.

We headed to the hotel, checked into our room, put down our things, and ran downstairs to the rehearsal dinner. The food was absolutely delicious! I had the steak and the dessert was even better. If you are ever at the Mystic Marriott be sure to stop by their restaurant inside. We talked and laughed and then all headed up to Aschlee and Jason’s room where we talked and laughed even more. Eventually it got pretty late and we all retired to our own rooms, getting some rest for the following big day.

We had a relatively late morning, getting up around 8:30am and headed down to get our hair and makeup done. We were having it done at the spa in the hotel. I decided to just have my hair done and got it pulled up with a braid that was just stunning. Everyone’s hair came out amazing as well and Michelle and Becky got their makeup done as well. They looked beautiful. We rushed back to our rooms to dress and then headed to Aschlee’s room where we helped her into her dress and with her finishing touches, her shoes and veil. Thinking about it now, I wish I had taken more pictures, but being in the bridal party makes picture taking very difficult.

We headed in a shuttle to the beach and unloaded, keeping Aschlee in the shuttle until the last moment. We paired up as we had the day before and headed down the aisle. Then they rolled out a white hearted strip for Aschlee to walk down. Seeing her in her white gown coming down the aisle, she looked stunning. All I could think was, we used to play when we were kids in preschool. Where has the time gone? How are we old enough to be getting married?

© Michelle Vannasse

Aschlee and Jason said their vows and the ceremony concluded with a kiss and everyone following them down the aisle back towards the parking lot. It was wonderful. They looked so happy. We took some time taking photos. First were the family photos. Then the wedding party was stationed in front of the arch. The photographer directed us a bit, arm down, arm on hip, jackets over shoulders, etc. Dway, Becky’s husband helped a bit here and there. Next he did the groomsmen and then the bridal party without much direction. His main thing was act natural, we’d all look at each other and ask what everyone was doing. I only hope they came out as good as the photographer believes they did.

© Bryan Cole
© Aschlee Riendeau

We jumped in another shuttle and headed back to the hotel where the reception was taking place. We took a few moments to readjust our hair and makeup in our own private wedding party room, getting ready for the wedding party introductions. Then we lined up and headed into the reception one at a time. Aschlee and Jason were last and had their first dance.

The rest of the reception was a blur. There was an open bar and they had a band and a DJ which alternated playing so everyone could dance. The food was amazing. Once again I had the steak, but the chicken and veggie dishes looked just as delicious. Dessert was one of the best cupcakes I ever had with a lemon raspberry filling. The reception was so much fun it went by too fast and they even extended it.

IMG_8971       IMG_8971

About 20 minutes before the music stop we snuck up to our rooms to get ready for the after party at Mohegan Sun, one of the few casinos in Connecticut. We rode over with Dway and Becky and met up with the rest of the wedding party waiting for Aschlee and Jason. They finally arrived and then we all split up. Some people wanted to play the slot machines, others wanted to go to the non-smoking section, and others just wanted to keep drinking. I wanted to play a few slot machines and see if there were any free concerts going on that night. Eventually we all met back up at one of the bars. We talked some more and had a drink before deciding to grab a bite to eat and head back to the hotel. It was a crazy long day.

Aschlee and Jason’s wedding was absolutely beautiful and amazing, from the beach location to the live band it was a day that everyone is sure to remember. I wish them both all the happiness in the world and thank them for a wonderful opportunity for a short getaway from Los Angeles.

IMG_8971       IMG_8971