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Maruya’s Ramen Noodles

IMG_8973After seeing Ryn Weaver in concert Katie and I headed to Little Tokyo in Downtown to get some ramen noodles. Katie had been to this little place called Maruya  before with friends and family and wanted to show it to me.

It took us a while to find it, but when we did we were seated immediately. We took a few minutes to look at the menu and then each ordered a soup which came with a salad and some sushi. It was relatively cheap for the amount of food we got and we weren’t able to finish it all so we took most of it home.

The food came super fast and it was amazing. The salmon sushi cuts were delicious and just melted in your mouth. The soup had the perfect amount of saltiness from the pork and the noodles were just the right size. I couldn’t have complained about anything if I tried.

If you’re ever in Downtown Los Angeles and looking for a great place to get some ramen definitely go to Maruya. You will be so satisfied and pleased that you went you might decide to never go anywhere else for ramen ever again.

Sushi Club Downtown

IMG_8971After San Francisco’s 45th Anniversary of PRIDE Katie and I decided to get some sushi at a place called Sushi Club in downtown just off Market Street on 5th and Mission. Usually we check Yelp to see if the place is good, but we were starving and there were no other places that we felt like eating at close by so we took a gamble. Besides, the place had multiple people inside eating and they all seemed to be enjoying their meals.

The first thing that should have tipped us off was that they have no restroom. We were informed that we could use the one at the hotel next door. I brushed it off thinking that maybe due to the parade they didn’t want a bunch of people trying to use their restrooms. We ran next door and there were no issues.

We came back to the small restaurant with a bar on one side and about eight tables on the other and took a seat at one of the tables. We ordered drinks, Katie a hot saki and I got a mixed drink. That should have been my second tip. The drink had so much alcohol in it I could barely swallow, but I chalked it up to my lack of drinking lately and being a lightweight and someone that doesn’t really like the take of alcohol. Katie on the other hand really liked her sakis maybe I was being too harsh.

We ordered a rainbow roll, dragon roll, and some orders of salmon. The dragon roll was quite good, maybe that was due to the fact that it has eel instead of fish. The rest of it had a very strong fishy taste that even the eel sauce couldn’t completely hide. I’ve only ever eaten sushi that tasted like that once before and I never went back. This restaurant will have the same fate.

Later I checked the yelp reviews and notice that they only have 2 stars. Now I know why the food was not the best and kind of wish we had gone somewhere else. Neither of us got sick so that’s a plus, but maybe next time we’ll  check the reviews first.

Beer Sampling at Angel City Brewery

IMG_8973I’ve been seeing pictures of angel wings around the internet every now and then for a while. A picture where the wings look like they are a part of the person standing in front of them. I couldn’t resist finding out where they were located and it turns out they are right here in Los Angeles at a local brewery called Angel City Brewery. Though I’m not a big beer drinker, I headed downtown with a friend one night to check it out.

In 2010 Angel City moved their 8,000 barrel brewery from the Alpine Village to the John A. Roebling building located in LA’s downtown Arts District. John A. Roebling was an engineer famous for his wire suspension bridges. This old warehouse, built in 1913, was used to store his nation-wide wire rope company. The old metal slides they used to help transfer the wire from the upper to lower floor are still there today giving the brewery a jolt of history.

Our first stop was at the angel wings painted on the wall outside the main doors. As the night processed they drew an occasional photographer. As we stepped inside we noticed the 4 or 5 huge brew kettles to your left of us and a small bar in front of us. My friend told me that they do guided tours and we thought about taking on next time we came. Across from the main bar is another bar under an upper section which is used by patrons throughout he night. There is a bar up there as well, but on the night we went it was closed.

IMG_8971       IMG_8971

My friend and I finally sat down at the main bar to try some of their beer. Their Social IPA and Eureka Wit are their two main beers that they feel really represent Los Angeles and Angel City, which my friend tried both of. I decided to try their West Coast Wheat, Amber Ale, Eureka Wit, Marilyn, and White Nite with their custom flight priced at $9.

My favorites were the Eureka Wit and Marilyn. The Amber Ale was really good once it warmed up as well. However, I did not enjoy the White Nite, which my friend absolutely loved. It had too much of a coffee flavor for me. I had hoped it would have more of a chocolate flavor. I traded my friend for her Eureka Wit and everyone was happy.

When we finished our beers we walked toward the back of the building taking in the different art works all around. There were pictures hanging, huge murals, and even an interpretation of Picasso’s Guernica by the far wall. We noticed were two corn hole games to play and we were able to squeeze a few games in before we decided to leave.

IMG_8971       IMG_8971

Angel City Brewery closed pretty early on the Saturday night we were there, only staying open til about midnight. I would recommend you get there pretty early since parking is difficult as well. And while they don’t serve food at Angel City Brewery, they do have food trucks that rotate through the lot providing you with everything you need. If that’s what you are looking for, then take the short walk down the street to Wurstkuche for some brats.

IMG_8971       IMG_8971