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Everything Can Be Found at Joe Wilcox Indian Den Souvenirs

IMG_8973While in Sedona Arizona my friend and I had stopped at the Oak Creek Visitor Center. We were looking for hiking stick medallions for the area, but they didn’t have any at the center. The employee told us to check out the store Joe Wilcox Indian Den in town as they were the only store in the area that she had ever seen them at.

We headed into town, just 4 miles down the road, and eventually found the store. Turns out it’s the biggest souvenir shop in Sedona and has just about everything from hiking stick medallions to souvenirs to desert candy to Native American crafts. The store offers an amazing selection of Indian jewelry, from Navajo, Hopi, and Zuni artists. Including many of the Arts and Crafts such as Navajo sand paintings, horse hair pottery, and alabaster carvings and other Indian artifacts. There was so much stuff that it was almost overwhelming.

We took some time exploring the store, trying to decide if we wanted anything, browsing the small souvenirs such as magnets, keychains, and small sculptures. We soon noticed the beautiful Native American Arts and Crafts and I thought about purchasing one. Unfortunately it cost a little too much for me and I couldn’t quite figure out how to send it to family and friends without it breaking, since most of my family lives on the East Coast.

My friend purchased some candy and we left the store. If you are ever in Sedona and need some souvenirs for family and friends this is the place to stop. Or maybe you went to Sedona and forgot to get some souvenirs for your family, you can visit their shop online and make purchases without ever leaving your home. You’ll be sure to find something for everyone.