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Lindsey Stirling at the Greek Theatre

IMG_8973I often get emails from Goldstar, a website that tells Los Angeles residents what events are happening and upcoming in the area. One day I saw that Lindsey Stirling, a violinist that plays electronic beats, was playing at the Greek Theatre. I have known of Lindsey Stirling for almost 2 years now, absolutely love her music, and think she is amazing. Right then I decided I couldn’t miss this opportunity. I had to go see her on stage. I purchased two tickets and patiently waited until the day finally arrived.

Katie and I got there early, found our seats and waited for the show to start. The night was started off with two opening acts I had never heard of before. Olivia Somerlyn was first up, singing her hit Parachute and new single OXO. We laughed and sang along with our new dance moves. Olivia was followed by Lights who’s music started  on the complete other end of the spectrum of what I had expected the night to expose. It was loud, hard and heavy but soon fell into what was anticipated with Running with the Boys.

Finally it was time for Lindsey Stirling to perform on her Music Box Tour. I thought she was awesome. She played all her songs and every single song that is a favorite of mine had a beautiful backdrop or some other element that was fascinating to watch. She entertained us while having so much fun on stage herself. You could tell that she was really enjoying what she was doing.

The sets for each song were phenomenal.  Moon Trance had a mini cemetery set up with dancers that followed her every move and she fought them off and controlled them with her music. Shadows had big silk screens with her shadows on them that matched her dance movements as she played and danced throughout the song. Elements had a boarder and a silk screen that you could partially see though to the stage where it rained, burned, and blew wind to the extremes. Shatter Me had silk screens with snow globes on them that some of the dancers stood inside with her until the song broke them all free. Transcendence was started with a video interlude about the song and ended with her explaining her recent struggles and how she is so grateful to finally be able to play on stages like the ones on her tour.

As the night continued she would let us in on little pieces of information, such as she couldn’t decide on which video game song to play so she combined them all together in one long song that encompassed Zelda, Assassin’s Creed, Skyrim, and Halo. She also let us know that it was the last night of the tour. She ended the night with a rock song where one of her guitar players and her fight until they come together and create beautiful music together. The vibe of the night was just awe-inspiring and I was so glad and grateful to be a part of it.

Just when we thought she was finished, but I was secretly hoping she wasn’t, she came back out on stage and played an encore of Phantom of the Opera music mashup. She played all the common songs from Think of Me to The Phantom of the Opera. She played a small portion of each song in order from start to finish. The whole show was so good and left me feeling refreshed, relaxed, and excited to be alive for another day.