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A Blur at Black Rock State Park

10891567_10100754109455857_6051383032190388400_nOver the holiday I went to Connecticut. While I was there my sister, cousin, and I went for a hike at Black Rock State Park, which we had done 7 years prior. This time however, we did not get lost!

988924_10100754108986797_6733714179484468323_nIf you walk through the park toward the beach you will be able to find the trail up to the Black Rock that you can see from the parking lot. Before you reach the beach there is a field to the right. Cross the field and you will come to an old bridge. Cross the bridge and stay to the left to hike up the blue trail. The hike up is pretty steep and for someone that hadn’t worked out in over a month because I had been sick, it was a tough trek. You have to climb over roots, rocks, and stumps all the way up to the top. And if you are going with an avid hiker it can be quite exhausting. However, for anyone that is in halfway decent shape you should be able to make it to the top without any problems. And when you reach the top you will be rewarded with an amazing view as you gaze far into the distance over Connecticut and the entire park. It’s quite beautiful. And if you are as lucky as we were a blur of a Golden Retriever will greet you as you rest.

10629665_10100754109630507_6494034632503583019_nContinue down the blue trail to a small road, go right and it connects to the red trail. I believe this is where we messed up 7 years ago, which took us on a long walk down the Mattatuck Trail. The correct red trail bears right again, which we almost missed this time and goes along down a small river that we had to cross several times. We stayed along that back to the blue trail and back to the parking lot. Let’s just say it’s a confusing trail and if you haven’t been on it before and aren’t paying close attention you can easily end up somewhere you weren’t planning on going.

The entire loop is actually pretty short, but there are some amazing rock formations, small waterfalls, fallen over trees, and moss coverings to check out. It’s a quiet and calm hike that is perfect for some relaxation on any morning or afternoon.




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