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One Safe Buck at White Memorial Conservation Center

the_barred_owl_wallpaper_birds_animals_wallpaper_1024_768_422Over the holiday, on the last day I was in Connecticut, I went on a family hike with my parents, sister, and Toni (our dog) at White Memorial Conservation Center. It is a Privately-Owned Wildlife Sanctuary which includes a small museum. We did not go into the museum, but I’ve heard that it is pretty good. However, outside of the museum they do have a bird feeding station and you can also see their Barred Owl and Red Tailed Hawk.

10653688_10100755328248387_4168140323055771277_nWe explored a couple trails. One which brought us to a river, which leads to Bantam Lake, moss covered gates, stone walls, a log camping hut and fire pit, chestnut trees, and a steel and wooden bridge. It’s an easy walk throughout the entire park and can be accomplished fairly quickly. There’s even a small trail to take around the pond which in the winter is very muddy, but in the summer is buzzing with wildlife.

As we drove away there was a young buck crossing the road in the middle of the afternoon. You don’t see that every day. My dad stated, “Well, he’s got about 4000-acres to roam around. He should be pretty safe from hunters.”


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