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Camping in Morro Bay State Park

IMG_8973On the weekend before Thanksgiving Katie and I headed up north to Morro Bay State Park with Punky and Frankie for a short weekend of camping fun. We arrived late at night and the campground was completely full. We quickly lit a fire and the proceeded to set up our tent and sleeping spot as the girls patiently waited in the car, or not patiently as pinky wouldn’t stop whining.

Once we were set up the girls came out for bathroom break and then we all huddled by the small fire to try to warm up. Within 30 minutes I saw some movement out of the corner of my eye and Frankie started growling towards another campsite. That was our first encounter with the coyotes. We decided the girls would be safer in the car and within another 10 minutes the ranger drove through the park following another coyote through the campground. We decided to call it a night soon afterwards and all climbed into the tent. It was very cold so we huddled together for warmth with Frankie under the covers in the middle and Punky under them on the side.

When we awoke we clambered out into the crisp air to a whole new world around us. Everyone was up making breakfast so we slowly started our day. I made the fire while Katie walked the girls. Once again our wood was not the best, but we managed to heat up our burritos and some hot chocolate. The girls settled in their crate as the morning slowly wasted away.

Once most of the other campers had left we took Punky and tethered her to our table and then I played a little with Frankie as she at her breakfast. Eventually we decided to go on a hike within the campground called Black Hill Trail which took a couple hours and then we were back at our campsite relaxing again.

With the time change and the shorter days it got pretty late without us even noticing it. By 5pm we were already starting dinner and dessert, chicken sausages and banana boats. We started dinner so early we even had time for second dessert, s’mores with real graham crackers from Trader Joe’s.

As we sat by the fire and the night air grew colder Katie put Punky in the crate again and wrapped her up like a little burrito in her favorite fluffy blanket. Another two coyotes came around, but this time Punky was the only one to let us know as Frankie was huddled under my sweatshirt sleeping. We burned as much wood as we could, our fire hot with white flames and so large it encompassed the entire pit. Staying warm was the only thing we thought of.

We headed to sleep and this night the girls were a little less cuddly. Katie and I thought it was colder the second night than the first, but the girls must have adapted to the cold quickly since they chose not to sleep under the covers that night.

The following morning we were up earlier. We made breakfast, packed up our supplies, and said goodbye to Morro Bay State Park. It’s definitely a nice place to stay. You are within walking distance from a dock where you can rent kayaks, a little cafe called Bayside Cafe, a nice hike, and a golf course. Put it on your bucket list if you are into just relaxing camping trips.

Wurstkuche Best Sausage in LA

IMG_8971In Downtown Los Angeles’ Arts District there is this super tasty little sausage place, Wurstkuche. While I’m not a huge fan of sausage, this place has some of the best sausages I’ve ever had.

At first glance you would think this place is super small. You step in through the front door and there is a small counter to order and a display refrigerator showing you the different flavors they have for the day. Their menu ranges from classic sausage, such as Bratwursts and Hot Italian, to gourmet sausage, like Chicken Apple & Spice and Kielbasa, to exotic sausage, Rattlesnake & Rabbit and Buffalo, Beef & Pork. I was having a very hard time choosing so I decided to try two different ones, Chicken Apple & Spice and Pheasant.

We walked into the back, which was super dark with long tables and a bar, and found a seat at a smaller elevated table section. Eventually our food came and it was time to dig in. I have to say, both were really good, but the Chicken Apple & Spice was mouthwatering. I didn’t even need to put any ketchup on it. If I didn’t get so full I would have ordered more. I can’t wait until I get to go back for some more. Unfortunately the parking situation is difficult, street parking only, so it might not be too soon.

IMG_8971       IMG_8971