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Seafood by the Malibu Ocean

IMG_8973One of my favorite restaurants by the ocean is Malibu Seafood. It is a  Fresh Fish Market and Patio Cafe that I try to stop by whenever I am in the area with a friend. Usually it is a first time experience for my friend and they are always left patiently waiting to go back soon.

After our strenuous Escondido Canyon Waterfall hike my friend and I stopped in for some seafood. We both decided to get their fried seafood, me choosing my favorite fried clams and her choosing the fish and chips option with cod. The cafe serves many different options of seafood, from grilled, to deep fried, to steamed. They also serve clam chowder and have fresh seafood salads. If you don’t feel like having something while you are there, you can even buy some fresh fish at the market and take it home with you to cook yourself. Whatever you choose I’m sure you will enjoy it. I have only heard wonderful reviews for this place.

The inside is super small, with a fresh market on one side and a counter to order meals on the other side, but the view from their three patios is breathtaking. Once you order your food you can sit back, relax and listen to the ocean crash against the shore as you can look out across the Pacific Coast Highway to the ocean and eat your delicious seafood. If you want, you can even get your food to go, cross the PCH, climb down some rocks, and eat your food right on the beach. There’s only great ways to enjoy a meal here so head down the Pacific Coast Highway and try it. You’ll be glad you did.

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Mexican Tacos at La Fonda

IMG_8973On the second night in Mexico we decided to get a taste of some real mexican food. Kathy, our house manager, told us to try La Fonda, a popular restaurant in the nearby area. She is friends with the manager of the restaurant and made a reservation for us for 20 people.

When we arrived a long table was set up for us in the middle of the restaurant right by the dance floor. We all grabbed a seat and took a look at the  menu. It was surprising to see that there was no mexican food dishes on the menu. There was a ton of seafood and steak options, but not one mexican choice. Luckily, Kei was hip to eating out in Mexico and gave us the inside scoop. “Just ask for a mexican dish you want. They will make it if they have the stuff to make it,” he told us.

IMG_8971       IMG_8971

As the waiter came around the table to get everyone’s order some of us ordered off the menu and some of us decided to try our luck asking for mexican food. Fish tacos and chimichangas seemed to be pretty popular at our table. I got the carne tacos.

Our food came and I have to say it was ok. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad. It was just so-so. It’s what I would expect at a place in Los Angeles, not a place in Mexico. I guess I just thought it would be more authentic. I finished my plate and we hung out for a bit. Some of us danced and listened to the live band, but most of us just talked until they brought out our complimentary Mexican coffees. They had kalua and cream in them. I didn’t want to be up all night so I chose to skip mine, but boy did they look delicious.

Turns out in Mexico it is considered rude to give a table their check before they ask for it. They will let you stay there all night, thinking you might order more. Most of us did not know this, but a few did and eventually they realized our group was dying down and stated this fact. Once we asked they brought over the checks and divided everything up. There was a little language barrier, but it all got squared away.

I think next time we go back to Mexico we will try a new food spot. It was good, but there could be something better nearby and there are quite a few options that Kathy was telling us about.

The Lobster Trap

IMG_8972During our day at Catalina Island we had a chance to try The Lobster Trap. Originally we headed to the pier to eat at the fish place there, but they were closed. However, apparently they are owned by the same company and have the same menu so we weren’t missing out on anything.

We were one of the first people to arrive and the place resembled a dive bar. There were lobsters and fish all over the walls, including a huge fish hanging from the ceiling and even a boat in the corner of the restaurant. It was pretty dark with light coming in through the doors, windows, and a small skylight.

We sat next to the window and quickly ordered some food. We were famished. I had the salmon sandwich and my friend had the crab salad. Both were pretty good, exactly what I expected from a seafood place in a seaside town. We didn’t hang around much since we were on a tight schedule, but by the time we finished our food the place was packed.

If you plan on going make sure you get there early and maybe you should see if their lobster lives up to their name. I will be sure to try it next time. We just weren’t in the mood that day.