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A Burrito for Two at Las Fuentes

IMG_8971My friend and I were in the mood for mexican food so we decided to try Las Fuentes in Reseda. Las Fuentes has been in business since 1982 and currently has 4 stars on yelp. We headed over, parked the car, and walked in the door. It wasn’t exactly what I expected at first sight. I thought it was going to be a restaurant where you sat down, they took your order and then served you, but like a lot of restaurants in Los Angeles, it is an order at the counter, find yourself a seat and bring your own food and condiments to your table kind of place.

The place looks super authentic inside and out though with mexican paintings on the wall and statues all around. I don’t think they could add more decorations if they tried. And the menu has everything a mexican restaurant should have. Burritos, tacos, nachos, and quesadillas. You name it, they have it.

I was in the mood for a burrito and after seeing the pictures on yelp I couldn’t convince myself to try anything else except a chicken burrito and some amazing chicken nachos. Katie got the chicken tacos and was set to help me eat some of the nachos.

The food was delicious. Everything I tried was perfectly cooked. And the portions are enough to last you several meals, just like most mexican places. I will definitely be back for more and to find out the one thing I forgot to check while I was there, leaving me wondering, do they have chicken asada fries?


Mexican Tacos at La Fonda

IMG_8973On the second night in Mexico we decided to get a taste of some real mexican food. Kathy, our house manager, told us to try La Fonda, a popular restaurant in the nearby area. She is friends with the manager of the restaurant and made a reservation for us for 20 people.

When we arrived a long table was set up for us in the middle of the restaurant right by the dance floor. We all grabbed a seat and took a look at the  menu. It was surprising to see that there was no mexican food dishes on the menu. There was a ton of seafood and steak options, but not one mexican choice. Luckily, Kei was hip to eating out in Mexico and gave us the inside scoop. “Just ask for a mexican dish you want. They will make it if they have the stuff to make it,” he told us.

IMG_8971       IMG_8971

As the waiter came around the table to get everyone’s order some of us ordered off the menu and some of us decided to try our luck asking for mexican food. Fish tacos and chimichangas seemed to be pretty popular at our table. I got the carne tacos.

Our food came and I have to say it was ok. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad. It was just so-so. It’s what I would expect at a place in Los Angeles, not a place in Mexico. I guess I just thought it would be more authentic. I finished my plate and we hung out for a bit. Some of us danced and listened to the live band, but most of us just talked until they brought out our complimentary Mexican coffees. They had kalua and cream in them. I didn’t want to be up all night so I chose to skip mine, but boy did they look delicious.

Turns out in Mexico it is considered rude to give a table their check before they ask for it. They will let you stay there all night, thinking you might order more. Most of us did not know this, but a few did and eventually they realized our group was dying down and stated this fact. Once we asked they brought over the checks and divided everything up. There was a little language barrier, but it all got squared away.

I think next time we go back to Mexico we will try a new food spot. It was good, but there could be something better nearby and there are quite a few options that Kathy was telling us about.

El Diner at El Rey Theater

11046207_10100816715777287_7339094506597289456_nOn the night of the Meghan Trainor concert at the El Rey Theater I got there very early. I did a quick Yelp search for food and made my way to the El Diner next door. They had an wide array of mexican food, from empanadas to quesadillas and the prices of everything was pretty low considering it’s connected to the theater.

I wasn’t extremely hungry so I got one of their chicken tacos which I was informed came with pickled onions and cheese on it. They were really fast and while it was smaller than I expected, it was actually really good. I debated going back to get another, but the line had gotten long and was now out the door. I didn’t want to wait. Plus, I was excited to get into the theater for the show!

All-in-all if you are headed to a show or in the area I would recommend you stop in and try something. It is really small though, so don’t expect to be waited on. And while it would be great for a small party of 2 or 3 it is an order and get your own food spot, not a sit down, relax and dine place.



Pollo Asada Fries

IMG_7952I have heard that San Diego has the best Mexican food in Southern California without crossing the boarder, so while I was there I wanted to make sure that I at least tried one place. I reached out to a friend that used to live in the area and asked her where her favorite place was and what she recommended that I get. Without hesitation she replied Don Lucio’s Taco Shop #2.

My friend gave me that address and I drove the 20 minutes, which I must add was a breeze driving, to the shop. She told me that their pollo asada fries were the bomb so they were number one on my list. I ordered the fries with everything on them and then added 2 beef tacos to my order.

IMG_7957A few minutes later I more food then I could possibly eat in one sitting in my possession and was super excited to try the fries. My friend had talked them up so much that I all I wanted to do was get back to my hotel and eat. I walked to my car, sat down, opened the container, and took a bite. To be honest, I wasn’t impressed with that first bite. I’m not a big fan of sour cream or avocados, but the salt on the fries helped mask the flavor so they were ok. Plus, I was starving. I took another couple bites, put them away and drove back to the hotel.

IMG_7958I got into my room and opened the fries again. I noticed that there were crinkle and regular fries in there, but was not as excited to eat them as I had been previously. I took a bite and I was so surprised. All of the sudden they were amazing! I can only believe that the time in car, allowing the cheese to melt and the sour cream and avocados to warm up, had drastically improved their taste. I shoveled forkful after forkful into my mouth until I realized that I still had the tacos to try. I opened the bag, unwrapped the taco and took a bite. Now those were really good! Real fried flour tortilla shells, a little soft and chewy on the inside and crunchy around the outer edges. I sit here now writing this craving the crunchy tacos and the cheesy salty goodness of the fries. I can’t wait to get back down to San Diego to have them again.