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Three Twins Ice Cream

IMG_8971I was looking for a little local ice cream shop to check out one day and was searching yelp. I came across Three Twins Ice Cream in Santa Monica and headed over to check it out.

Three Twin Ice Cream is an organic ice cream shop company that has only been around since 2005. In 2010 they opened an ice cream factory in Petaluma, CA where they make all their own organic flavors for wholesale at companies such as Whole Foods Market and The Fresh Market. According to their website, while their company has grown their mission remains unchanged: “To produce inconceivably delicious organic ice cream that is affordable and accessible. Three Twins still donates one percent of sales to land conservation initiatives through 1% for the Planet. We still use organic ingredients and serve our scoops in compostable dishes and spoons. We still enjoy what we do. And, we always enjoy making our customers’ lives just a little sweeter in the process.”

When I arrived I noticed that it was much smaller that I anticipated, but it had a good rating on yelp so I headed in to try some. They had about 10 different flavors, not a huge selection, but one flavor stuck right out at me, the Mexican Chocolate ice cream. I had them put a scoop  on a sugar cone and took my first lick. Absolutely delicious. It had a creamy semi sweet chocolatey flavor. I had never had a flavor like it before. Not super sugary and  not bland, just what I was looking for. Definitely give it a try if you are in Santa Monica on Main St.